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Mixed Feeding: A New Lens
I wanted to explore mixed-feeding (in this case meaning feeding your baby both breastmilk and formula milk before 6m old) as a topic for a long time. Much to my surprise, I received tons of messages. Mums opened up not only about what had happened and why, but also shared the emotions about introducing formula at the time as well as their reflections of the experience (both positive and negative).... Read more
Really Real with Dionne
Peachies is more than just the best eco-friendly nappies delivered right to your door. From the beginning we set out to look across the first 1,000 days between carer and child to identify where we can bring families better products, better services and a better community of support. We all know it takes a village to raise children. In that vein, this Really Real series is all about taking you on a (metaphorical) walk around the houses so you can meet the incredible folk in our community.... Read more
The Hospital Gown Re-Designed, Sustainably
I'm a Doula and a Designer meaning I straddle two different worlds, different spaces, which suits me as a Gemini through and through. The DforD Gown's genesis came whilst I witnessed mothers struggle to achieve the skin-to-skin contact Midwives just like me recommended. But it took stepping back from the frontline to really bring a new, improved design to life.... Read more