Frequently Asked Questions

Behind the scenes

Why is Peachies called Peachies?

Peachies is the next generation nappy. Peachies signifies inclusivity, quality and ease - all that is valued by parents today. Peachies embraces the uniqueness of each family and leans on the humour, the heartache and the joy parenthood brings. But where does the name come from? Because like peanut butter and jelly, peachy little bums and nappies just go together. And ever sent a “peach” emoji (🍑)? Well… guess we don’t have to say much more.

Who’s behind Peachies?

Peachies was founded in March 2021 by two founders (we do happen to be women too), Morgan Mixon and Rima Suppan, at Imperial College where they ran the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club together. Nerdy, right? Their strong desire to support friends and family in their parenthood journey led them to venture into the old and stale industry of nappies. They spent two years understanding all things nappies to redesign the humble nappy from the inside out and unite a strong community of like-minded parents and caregivers.

Where do you manufacture your nappies?

We manufacture our nappies in Canada. Finding the right partner was like dating: You just know when it’s a match. Our manufacturer is a leading, innovative force in the hygiene industry due to their state-of-the-art technology, and their commitment to quality as well as to pushing sustainability in our category to the next level. They also adhere to the highest safety requirements and maintain outstanding working conditions for their employees. They are ISO standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

Why is Cleannest noted on your reports?

We changed our name to Peachies in February 2023. We did our Dermatest and Climate KIC assessments while named Cleannest but the results are still valid. Same company, same product, different name.


What’s your approach to sustainability and what evidence do you have to your impact?

We like to keep it simple. We believe in transparency and crafting solutions that enable us to start making an impact on the planet today while we work with our industry on improving materials and waste infrastructure.

In practice that means:

  1. We’re straight forward about the materials we use so you can make an informed choice. That means where we use plastics, where we’ve made smart substitutions for more eco-friendly materials and where we’ve removed ingredients we think are unnecessary, such as harmful chemicals, fragrances, lotions, latex, phthalates and dyes (the list goes on).
  2. We reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ that goes into our nappies - reducing the overall waste generated in production and the weight of the nappy. We also utilise more efficient plastic materials where possible. For example, our SAP (super absorbent polymer - aka the sugary stuff that turns to gel when it hits urine) is more efficient than other brands so we use 20% less than the industry benchmarks.
  3. We encourage potty training and want to help families through this transition! The earlier we potty train children, the earlier we can get them out of nappies. Less nappies therefore will end up in landfill. And for the time your children are in nappies, we want to ensure they’re in the best, most efficient nappies so you use less throughout the day, have the peace of mind the nappy is gentle on their skin and designed by a company who cares both about your mental wellbeing and our collective impact on the planet.

It’s super important to note, however, that central to our design philosophy is ensuring you have a nappy that works, that can stand the overnight test. We therefore keep things like elastics in our waistband because that makes the nappy fit so much better - leading to less leaks and more comfort for your child.

Our approach to production has been validated by the European Union’s Climate KIC organisation. Read more here.

What impact does your supply chain have on your carbon footprint?

Transportation makes up a small slice of the overall carbon emissions of producing nappies (materials have a much bigger impact). That said, it’s still important to consider. Our manufacturer is located in eastern Canada about 2.5 hrs drive from the shipping port. Our nappies are loaded into sea containers and transmitted by cargo ship to the UK - a distance of approximately 4,550 kilometres. That’s half the distance of shipping the most direct route from China. From the port in the UK, our nappies are routed via truck to Birmingham - also a 2.5 hrs drive.

Sea freight has the smallest carbon footprint of all major forms of long-distance freight. For context, a freight train produces 1.6 times as many emissions as a cargo ship, and a truck 10 times as many. Air freight has the largest at 20 times.

We minimise our impact as much as possible. Ultimately, we chose a manufacturing partner that we believe shares our values, understood our vision for Peachies and is as focused on quality and innovation as us so that we’re also seeking to lessen our impact.

Peachies Nappies

How many nappies do I receive?

We’ve calibrated our nappies to provide you with the right amount per month depending on the size your baby is in. Nappy count in our monthly boxes:

  • Size 01: 198
  • Size 02: 186
  • Size 03: 168
  • Size 04: 150
  • Size 05: 132
  • Size 06: 108

Our boxes are calibrated to last 4 weeks.

What makes your nappies different?

To us, it was mind-blowing as we realised there’s not a nappy on the market that has it all. So, for two years, we developed into self-made nappy engineers researching all things nappies and found the highest-quality materials but build the nappy the world deserves. Our extensive testing proved that our nappies leak less, offer highest absorbency and liquid capacity and are soft as cashmere (60% of families mentioned this unprompted in a blind test). Peachies scored an ‘Excellent’ rating by Dermatest on sensitive skin, are hypoallergenic and free from any harmful chemicals: No Artificial Fragrance. No Phthalates. No Parabens. No Lotions. No Latex. No dyes. No TBT. No DBT. No MBT. No Dioxins. No Furans. No Formaldehyde. No Polychlorinated Biphenyls. No Volatile Organic Compounds.

87% of families in a blind test recommended Peachies to family and friends. But seriously, put us to the test and experience the Peachies Effect first hand.

What’s in your nappies?

We’re totally upfront about what our nappies are made of. Our design philosophy is to design an excellent product that provides you outstanding performance while making smart decisions on sustainability. And where we use plastics, we choose more efficient materials. Our SAP for example (the sugar like material that is in the absorbent pad of the nappy alongside the wood pulp from sustainably managed forests), is so efficient we can use 20% less than other brands. This has a huge impact on overall CO2 equivalent emissions. That said, we’re always working on improving our product. Just like you’re on a new journey of parenthood, we’re inviting you to join us on our journey to change an old, stale industry.

Here’s our ingredients list:

Absorbent core made of Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) wood pulp from sustainably managed forests and SAP (sodium polyacrylate). Cloth-like backsheet made of polypropylene / polyethylene nonwoven and a polyethylene film. Topsheet made of polypropylene. High-loft acquisition layer made of polyethylene / polyester. Absorbent core wrap containing plant-based PLA and polypropylene materials. Fastening system made of polypropylene / polyethylene. Adhesives in joints and seams. Elastane strands. Wetness indicator.

Are your nappies biodegradable or compostable?

No nappy on the market is fully biodegradable or compostable. We make smart choices on where we can improve sustainability but we will never compromise the quality. We will continue to improve our nappies over time but with this quality-focused philosophy in mind.

Do you also offer pull ups?

Not at the moment.

Do you also offer wipes and other products?

Not at the moment but we’re always working on bringing you new, innovative products.

Have your nappies been tested and are they safe?

Peachies has been tested by industry-leading third party testing facilities. We’ve conducted lab performance tests, dermatological testing and panel testing with customers.

Dermatest’s rigorous dermatological testing gave us an “excellent” rating on sensitive skin with zero incidents proving that our nappies are the safest choice for your baby. Find our test report here.

Our lab performance and panel testing proved the quality of our nappies. Our nappies absorb 3x more liquid and 4x faster than other brands, to keep baby’s peachy little bums dry. In a blind test where participants didn’t now anything about the brand, our story or the product, 87% recommend us to friends and family. Furthermore, 85% loved the fit of our nappies and had 60% less leakages using Peachies.

Nappy Sizing

What sizes do you offer?

Peachies are available from Size 01 to Size 06 to be the ideal companion from the first ever poo to potty training.

Our size range:

Size 01: 4-6 kg | 8-14 lbs

Size 02: 5-8 kg | 12-18 lbs

Size 03: 7-13 kg | 16-28 lbs

Size 04: 10-17 kg | 22-37 lbs

Size 05: 12 kg+ | 27+ lbs

Size 06: 16 kg+ | 35+ lbs

How to check nappy fit

The fit is right when...

The top of the landing strip where the tapes secure at the front of the nappy should sit 1-2 fingers (laying them horizontally) under baby's belly button.

Sticky closure tabs meet comfortably in the middle of the Peachies logo on the nappy's front landing strip.

No gaps between nappy and baby at the waist or around the legs.

Make sure:

The leg ruffles are showing and not tucked in! 

Once the waist tapes are secured, run a finger inside the leg holes to ensure the ruffles aren't tucked in the and that the inner leg cuffs aren't stuck under baby (you want them to be flush against the outsides of baby's legs).

It's time to...

Size up

Waist sits more than 2 fingers (when laid horizontally on baby's belly) below the belly button.

Sticky closure tabs barely close at the edges of the landing zone (the patch where you find the Peachies logo on the nappy front).

Leaves lasting red marks or indents on baby's waist and thighs.

You experience an increase in leaks, poo explosions, and tears, especially overnight.

Size down

Nappy sags around the legs, leading to leaks.

Gaps between nappy and skin at the waist.

Sticky closure tabs close together or overlapping—tightening the waist to a point where the tabs overlap may “solve” waist gaps, but will cause leg holes to bunch and feel uncomfortable (like a belt that is too tight on big pants).

I ordered the wrong size, can you help?

Finding the right size for your little one can be difficult. We recommend checking out our Sizing Guide before ordering. However, if you still end up with the wrong size, please get in touch with and we'll support you in finding the right size.

Peachies Subscription

Where can I buy Peachies?

We’re a digital-native company: You can find our nappies at By subscribing to Peachies, we’ll send you the right amount of nappies in the right size to your doorstep every month. The only thing that’s left to you is the changing (and the cuddles).

Can I try your nappies before subscribing?

Yes, we offer one-off monthly boxes without a subscription, so you can get a feel (quite literally) if you and your baby love them as much as we do.

When will my subscription be charged?

We charge orders with the placement of your first shipment (month one) and from there onwards (from month two and so forth) when your package is shipped from our warehouse.

Will I be notified before receiving my shipment?

Yes, we notify you before your next shipment so you can adapt nappy size, shipping location, payment details and also delay or cancel your next shipment. This can easily be done through your account, via text message or by sending us an email to

How do I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription, i.e. nappy size, shipping location, payment details and also delaying or canceling your next order, in your Peachies account. Or send us an email onhello@wearepeachies.comand we'll help you out.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We make it as easy as possible to cancel your subscription. Simply go to your Peachies account and find the Subscription tab. Click 'Manage Subscription'. On the next page, scroll down to 'Cancel Subscription'.

Can I have more than one subscription?

Yes, we love double trouble and more! You can easily manage your subscription for each child in your Peachies online account or by sending us an email to and we’ll manage the amends for you.

Added bonus: We offer 25% off for twins, reach out to us to inform us about the double fun -

What happens if I go on holidays?

We deliver your shipment to any location within the UK. So, no worries if your next holiday is coming up. You can amend your delivery address in Shipping Addresses or go to Delivery Schedule in your Peachies account and press 'Skip'. It's that easy.

Happy vacay!

Account & Settings

I forgot my password, can you help?

Just go to your Peachies account, click “Sign in”, “Forgot password” and then “Reset”. Voilà, you should be able to change your password. With any further struggles, reach out to us at

Where do I check the status of my order?

The easiest way is to go to your Peachies account. Once you’re logged in, you will see a link “Order history”, click it and then click “Status”. Send an email to

Can I amend my order?

This depends whether you have a Peachies subscription or not. As a Peachies subscriber you can go to your Peachies account and make any changes there, send an email to We’ll also send you reminders before your next shipment leaves our warehouse, so you can change the nappy size, shipping location or payment details.

If you placed your first order within your subscription or purchased a one-off monthly box, it’s a bit trickier as we try to ship out our orders as quickly as possible to get them to you within 24 hours. That said, if you noticed that something went wrong, please quickly send us an email to and we’ll try our best to amend it.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept almost all types of credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. At this point, Paypal is unfortunately only available for one-time purchases and not subscriptions.

Shipping & Returns

Where can I get Peachies delivered?

We deliver around the UK with our partner, Yodel. Some remote areas and islands of the UK will experience longer shipping timelines.

Is shipping free?


How fast do you ship orders?

Orders placed before 3pm will be dispatched the same day. After 3pm, orders will be sent the following day.

Do you offer returns?

Yes, if your package is undamaged. Any individual packs that have been opened cannot be returned. But we don’t want to hang you out to dry so get in touch and we can work with you to either get your nappies to a local nappy bank or reimburse you if there is damage or the wrong size is delivered (see question below).

Do you offer support if my packs arrive damaged or in the wrong size?

For sure. Reach out to and we’ll get you sorted out.

Partnerships & Media

Are you interested in becoming a retail partner?

We’re always looking for new, exciting opportunities to provide access to Peachies to more families. Send us a note to and we’ll get in touch soon.

Are you interested in becoming a nursery partner?

We’re always looking for new, exciting opportunities to provide access to Peachies to more families. Send us a note to and we’ll get in touch soon.

Where can we find Peachies’ media kit?

We’re really grateful that you’d like access to our media kit. Please send us a quick note to and we’ll get in touch soon.


Do you offer promotions?

From time to time, we offer promotions and other giveaways. That said, with our Peachies subscription, you save 15% every month automatically. Also, if you sign up to our newsletter, you'll get 20% off your first order.

Another way to save money, is to refer friends and family here. With every friend you refer, we offer £15 off. And we’ll let you in on a secret: If you refer one friend every month, you can deduct £15 off your subscription every month for as many months as you like. Not bad, right?

I forgot to add my discount code, can you help?

No worries, these things happen! Just send us a little note with your code and your order number to and we’ll take care of the rest.


Are you hiring?

We're always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Share your motivation for joining us and a CV at anytime. We'd love to hear from you.

Gifting & Referrals

I would like to gift a subscription, is this possible?

Of course, nappies are the perfect baby shower, newborn and maternity/paternity leave gift. Nappies under the Christmas tree? Maybe. Please reach out to us at and we’ll organise your shipment(s) for you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, and it’s a good one! With every friend you refer, we offer £15 off. And we’ll let you in on a secret: If you refer one friend every month, you can deduct £15 off your subscription every month for as many months as you like. Not bad, right?

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