10 Meal-Time and Happy Hour Ideas that Deliver


Parents are stretched for time - duh. We’re also thinking about those early days after your little one (whether first, second, third or fourth…) enters the world is a whirlwind of beautiful, sleepless chaos. Remembering to feed yourself is a tall order. Organising even small indulgences falls further down the priority list. But let’s change that.


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Here are 10 brands we love for the quality of their products and ease of service - aka solutions in that sweet spot for families. We’ve thrown in crowd pleasers for carers and children alike. All deliver straight to your door and double as great gifts if you’re looking for a practical way to help out your friends, colleagues and family.



So. Many. Options. Shop by portion size, by protein, by cuisine, by occasion, by inspiration, or by dietary requirements. There are meal boxes tailored specifically for new parents which include a 10% discount off your order. Meals are delivered frozen and you can feed the whole family by browsing the kids menu. Home delivery, click and collect or visit your local COOK shop to get your hands on the goodies.

Ding Dong Dim Sum

All the fun and dim sum. A new addition to our regular rotation with Dim Sum boxes for 2 or 4 people - perfect for date night or family time. There are 8 menus to choose from - including veggie, vegan and all meat options. All boxes come with dips, sticky rice, edamame beans, chopsticks and carrot slaw kit. You get a biodegradable steamer thrown in (can opt out also) so your dim sum taste restaurant good every time. Delivered frozen and cooking instructions included.

Lady Manjar

Sweet tooth, this one is for you. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your tastebuds’ horizons and get a taste of Chile in the UK. Our take, go straight for the Torta Milhojas - a mille-feuille and manjar (also known as dulce de leche) cake with the option to top it with Italian meringue. Delivery nationwide as well as London pick-up available if you’re in need of an adventure out or keen to include the meringue atop your cake - which is highly recommended.

Lune & Wild

Stress-free meals, finger foods and snacks designed by the Chef Founder and a team of Paediatric Dieticians for weening babies, toddlers and children. All dishes are made from Organic and seasonal produce and, bonus, are actually appetising which isn’t always the case with kids food. Cook from frozen, ready to serve in under 5 minutes. Gifting options also available. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Pasta Evangelists

A no-brainer because who doesn’t love pasta? Get hot food or a recipe kit delivered to your doorstep. You can double up portions, go for a bundle and browse options for kids. If you’re looking to spread the love, gift boxes range from £30 to £50 and feed 2 to 4 people, or you can give a subscription covering 1 to 6 months. Order by 5pm for next day delivery. Don’t look at the website if you don’t want your mouth to water.


Wet your whistle


We did a lot of exploring in the ‘no alcohol’ beer category during pregnancy. The options, even in a global city like London, were pretty meh. Days changed that. Actually tastes like beer - the first and most surprisingly difficult hurdle - and is 0.0%. Natural, plant-based ingredients brewed in Scotland, Days’ Pale Ale and Lager give you something to sip on that is refreshing, guilt-free and available on subscription for additional savings.


Great taste, lighter drinking. To us, that’s a solid strategy for enjoying a libation without the same risk of a pounding headache combined with little ones that just seem to know you’re not at the top of your game. Decem spirits are all 10% alcohol content. Enjoy straight or whip up your favourite cocktails with their London Dry (made with British Gin), Spiced Blend (features Caribbean Rum) and Aperitif (packed with Heritage Botanicals). Free UK delivery.


One of our favourite taglines, ever: wine in a box for wine snobs. We appreciate this combo of a sustainable, elegant packaging solution paired with wine that, crucially, tastes good. With 6 varieties across reds, whites, rose - Laylo wines stay fresh for 6 weeks once open. Buy a box to enjoy for your quiet nights in or grab a bundle to have ready for gatherings at yours. Refer a friend and get 15% your order. Order before 6pm for free next-day delivery.


Beer that tastes good and does good. Toast’s Craft Lager, Pale Ale, Session IPA and American Pale Ale use surplus bread instead of barley, giving you a feel good factor knowing that each bottle uses less land, water and energy than other brands. All profits are also donated to charity to fix the food system. They have a moonshine collaboration which caught our Founder Morgan’s attention…hello university flashbacks. Free delivery over £35. Stockists include Coop and Waitrose.


It’s time to shake up your Diet Coke routine and discover these premium low-calorie, low-sugar soft drinks. Packed with all-natural ingredients like blood orange, cardamon, peach, ginger, chai, cucumber, rosemary and yuzu you’re bound to find a blend that gets you going. It’s also handy that each can has a splash of Vitamin D for us Britons who - let’s say - see the sun less. They have snazzy merch as well. Free shipping on orders over £40.

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