The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing List


Alright, soon-to-be parents, let’s get real about the hospital bag, arguably the most stressful packing job you’ll ever do. We know you’re swamped with last minute prep and unsolicited advice from everyone you’ve ever met. If you'll allow us to butt in, Belle Enfant have put together the ultimate hospital bag packing list to ensure you pack with the perfect blend of practicality and pizzazz! 


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Preparing for you baby's arrival

When to pack your bag?

Aim to have this ready by week 36 of your pregnancy (34 weeks if you're pregnant with twins). We recommend leaving your hospital notes on-top and returning them to the top of the bag each time you’re finished with them.

How many bags?

We recommend two bags: one for you and another for baby.  Our new fabric suitcases are perfect for packing baby's items.  Although we’ve made some suggestions for dad, leave him to pack his own bag, you’ve got enough to be thinking about! We’ve split the checklist into useful headings to make it easier to gather the items but remember if you scroll down you can opt to have a printable version of the checklist emailed to you with handy tick boxes.

For Mum:

  •  Labour outfit: Comfortable and accessible for skin-to-skin contact.
  •  Water bottle with straw: Stay hydrated easily.
  •  Eye mask: Block out the world with your Slip silk mask.
  •  Pillow: A comforting piece of home.
  •  Slides/Flip flops: For easy movement around the hospital.
  •  Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, lip balm, and deodorant.
  •  Nappies: Don’t forget the essentials for your baby’s first days.

For Dad:

  • Pillow | Travel pillow: Your back will thank you. Hospital chairs were definitely designed by someone who hates comfort. Bring your own pillow so you can at least pretend you're comfortable.
  • Change of clothes: Labour can take a while, and trust me, you don’t want to be the guy in the corner wearing yesterday's socks and a shirt that smells like fear and sweat. Pack a fresh outfit!
  • Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant. Because your partner already has enough to deal with without worrying about your morning breath.
  • Snacks: Labour is like running a marathon, except you’re mostly just sitting and waiting. Pack snacks to keep your energy up. Think of that stash of snacks you've been hiding from the kids.

For Baby:

  • Sleepsuits x 4: we both love a classic white sleepsuit, John Lewis or M&S are great places to pick these up.
  • Nappies x 10Don’t forget Peachies nappies for your little one to enter the world in everyday luxury.
  • Going home outfit - we recommend our best-selling pointelle wrap top, legging and bonnet set in snow white.  Luxuriously soft and beautifully constructed this is perfect for baby's first outfit.
  • Muslins – we love these muslins which are made from soft, comforting and absorbent 100% cotton.

    To read the full comprehensive list, check out Belle Enfant’s complete checklist here.

    We’re all about bringing the good vibes and energy into your hospital room, here’s more Peachies-approved (sh*t happens) things to add to your list: 

    • Super Long Phone Charging Cable: Minimum 3m because who knows how far that hospital plug is going to be? Spoiler alert: it’s always too far.
    • Favourite Snacks: Hospital food? No thanks. Pack all your favourite foods that you missed having during pregnancy- did someone say sushi?
    • Portable Speaker: Whether you want to hear waves, rain, ASMR head scratching, or jam out to some good old Drake (whatever’s going to get the baby out there!)
    • Face Mist: A refreshing spritz to keep you going and glowing. Who says you can’t look glamorous giving birth?
    • Essential Oils: Diffuse calming scents for maximum zen. Lavender to chill, peppermint to energise. It’s like a mini-spa, minus the cucumbers (or get your friend to bring these too- if there were ever a time to be as extra as you like, it’s giving birth. Go get your cucumbers girl.)
    • Fairy Lights: Add a lil bit of ambiance to your hospital room and have a break from that harsh fluorescent lighting.
    • Polaroid Camera: Snap and print those first baby pics old-school style. A fun, nostalgic way to document your baby's arrival like a true millennial.

    Special thanks to our good friends over at Belle Enfant for creating this ultimate hospital bag packing list. Belle Enfant was founded in 2012 by Fleur Vidler and Henrietta Newman, who shared a vision to create an understated yet refined range for babies: one that celebrated natural materials and exquisite craftsmanship while elevating the everyday.

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