Born to stand out

Premium nappies engineered for luxurious softness and longer nights.

Loved by 5,000+ happy parents
Soft as cashmere
Perfect fit
No more poonamies
UK's only 5-Star nappy

“Peachies is the premium nappy brand for modern families.”

“Peachies nappies go
beyond my expectations of
what a nappy should be.”

“Peachies are the next
generation of nappies.”

Us vs Them

It’s what’s inside (the nappy) that counts. 
Peachies work harder day and night, with absolutely no unnecessary bs.

Other brands

Liquid capacity
(more is better)

650g +

Absorption speed
(faster is better)


Chemical free


Soft AF
(more is softer)


Lock-in the poo


Liquid retention
(more is better)


Experience nappy nirvana

Bye bye poop explosions

Innovative higher back and wider leg cuffs to lock-in the mess

No more nappy rash

Free from harsh chemicals and certified 'Excellent' on skin

Longer nights

3x more absorbent and 70% more liquid capacity


CO2 savings equivalent to the weight of 17 elephants per 1k babies

The reviews are in

Your FOMO is going to spike.

"Also not even joking these nappies are amazing, never leak, subscription and also sustainable!... Not an ad just love small sustainable businesses"


"If you love (need) sleep, you’ll love these. Absolutely love these nappies, they are the only ones we’ve found that get our baby through the night without needing a change, so he’s waking less and I’m getting more sleepIf you love a bit more sleep, you’ll love these nappies.."


"Nappy rash from the Pampers disappeared immediately. They kept the poonamie in check and they are much drier and also longer. Amazing!"


“Game changer! The quality of the product is amazing. My newborn genuinely seems calmer and more content when wearing these. The material is soft and incredibly absorbent. The sustainability is an added bonus. Would 100% recommend!”


"Best nappies!! Super impressed with these nappies! I was using a very well known brand prior and kept getting leaks. Since swapping to Peachies there hasn’t been a single leak and that’s after a whole night without being changed."



Parents are our protagonists

We fell a**backwards into nappies. But it turns out that they're the perfect product for two nerds like us obsessed with great design. We found this unsexy, stale product and boldly set out to make the entire experience around nappy changes, dare we say, enjoyable.

The 'No' List

We like to stay lean and clean so we leave out any unnecessary or harmful chemicals.

No Chlorine
No Latex
No Fragrances
No Dyes
No Phthalates
No Parabens
No Lotions

The 'No' List

We like to stay lean and clean so we leave out any unnecessary or harmful chemicals.