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5 Reasons Why Thousands of Parents Are Switching To Peachies Nappies.

Say goodbye to nappy rash, leaks or poop explosions. These nappies are made for exceptional softness, are 3x more absorbing and are gentle on sensitive baby skin.

1. No more leaks or poop explosions

The back of our nappies sit higher on your baby, the waistband fasteners are super sticky and the leg cuffs are softer and wider, to better hug those peachy bums and keep all the mess locked up inside.

2. They are more absorbent

The absorbent core soaks up liquid 3 times faster and has 70% more capacity. That means your little one stays dry and comfortable for longer.

Your baby won't wake up in the middle of the night because of wet nappies. They can easily last a 12+ hour night. Finally catch up on that sleep you've been longing for.

3. Say goodbye to nappy rash and skin irritation

Standard nappies are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients that cause irritation, red marks and nappy rash. No more of that!

Peachies nappies are free of fragrances, parabens and lotions, and are Dermatest certified 'excellent' on sensitive skin to ensure our nappies are wonderfully gentle on your little one's behind.

4. They are super super soft

Soft as a silk, providing your little one with a nappy that will keep them feeling comfortable day and night.

5. They are good for the planet

We worked on an innovative design for fewer nappy changes with 100% sustainably sourced fluff pulp, more efficient SAP, and plant-based core wrap.

The EU's climate innovation organisation verified that Peachies saves up to 93 tonnes of CO2eq emissions every year per 1,000 babies. That’s like driving around the world 12 times.

Our nappies are good for your baby AND for the planet.

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