10 Top Tips for Leak-Free Nights with Peachies


There are a lot of things that make you tired as a new parent (that’s the understatement of the century). Peachies are here to be the best nappy for overnight and to make sure it’s not messy sheets, blankets and clothes that are waking you up. Our premium nappies are designed to keep your little one dry and comfortable all night long. That means making night time nappy leaks and poop explosions a thing of the past. Bold, we know. But we love a challenge. 


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Here are 10 top tips for using Peachies to ensure a leak-free nappy overnight experience:

  1. Size matters: Ensure you're using the correct size nappy for your baby - this is the number one thing to get right. A snug fit is essential to prevent leaks and blowouts overnight, so check the sizing guide provided by Peachies. It’s helpful to know the sizes of when to go up a size or down. Still have questions? Reach out to our Nappy Concierge team: hello@wearepeachies.com
  2. Nappy duty before bed: Make sure to change your baby's nappy right before bedtime to minimise the risk of leaks overnight. A fresh nappy ensures maximum absorbency.
  3. Check the back: Ensure the waistband of the nappy is positioned higher at the back than at the front to prevent leaks, especially for tummy sleepers. Also make sure the back isn’t tucked in or folded over - you want as much coverage on the back as possible. 
  4. Check for gaps: Once you have the nappy on baby, pull the back waist back up like you’re giving the baby a wedgie to make sure their bum is sitting on the pad. You don’t want big gaps between skin and nappy. 
  5. Check the waistband: Check the waistband of the nappy to ensure a proper seal. Adjust as needed for a comfortable yet secure fit - you should be able to run a finger along the inside of the waistband without the nappy feeling too tight.  
  6. Check the leg cuffs: Run your finger along the inside of the leg cuffs to ensure they are hugging baby’s bum and not folded under. If the frilly bits at the leg cuffs are showing - that’s good. 
  7. Think about fluid intake overnight: Think about towels, even the best towel has its limits to how much liquid it can absorb. Nappies are the same - even more so when a baby is rolling around on the saturated pad. Change asap in the morning - or quickly after that first poo so baby isn’t sitting on it too long - to minimise the stress applied to the soaked pad and the risk of things getting messy.   
  8. Invest in quality: High quality materials make a difference, seriously. That goes for softness as much as it does performance and eco-friendliness. Learn more about the science behind Peachies here
  9. Spread the word: Make sure other caregivers know the proper diapering techniques and signs for when to size up or down. You can’t be everywhere all at once and we know it takes a village to raise kids. So train that village up to make sure good results can be replicated. 
  10. Consistent routine: Establish a consistent bedtime routine that includes a fresh Peachies nappy to signal to your baby that it's time for sleep. A comfortable and dry nappy sets the stage for a peaceful night's rest.


Additional tips:

  1. Double Up: For heavy wetters or longer nights, consider using a double nappy technique. Simply layer one Peachies nappy over another for added absorbency and protection - and of course re-use the outer one if it doesn’t get wet. We know this might not feel like the most eco-friendly approach but constantly washing clothes with the water and electricity that takes also isn’t great. As with all things, there are trade-offs. We think your sleep and well-being is the most precious so we aim to give you all the ideas we have up our sleeves - you pick the approach that’s best for you. Find out more about what makes Peachies the best eco-friendly nappies here.  
  2. Wear the nappy backwards: For tummy sleepers, wearing the nappy backwards so the high back provides extra coverage on the front. 


We’re here to help make your nights quieter and your mornings peachier with our premium nappies engineered for exceptional softness and longer nights.

Lean on us, nappy wrangler. Did you know Mother&Baby rated us 5-stars in all categories? Read more about why we’re the top night nappy choice for preventing blowouts. 

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