7 Signs that Breastfeeding is Going Well

7 Signs that Breastfeeding is Going Well

By Sally Rickard, Founder of Baby-Thrive & IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant

This week I'm sharing a favourite from the toolkit created by UNICEF: How Can I Tell Breastfeeding is Going Well? 

I find new parents struggle with the leap of faith that is feeding. It’s so easy to feel lost & unable to trust your instincts, especially for parents unfamiliar with breastfed baby behaviour.

The reality is there is no satisfying visual as a full bottle becomes empty when breastfeeding directly so you don’t see how much milk is going into your baby. It's a waiting game to see how many wet & dirty nappies your baby produces and…after an even longer wait...till the baby grows and you see them moving up the growth charts.

Save, print & keep this UNICEF checklist handy for when the doubts creep in and you need a confidence booster.

Many families often find after reading it that baby is thriving on breast milk, and that baby's behaviour is perfectly okay. 

You got this 💛


If you would like Sally to visit you at home to support with breastfeeding your newborn, there is more info here.

Sally Rickard is an IBCLC Lactation Consultant offering antenatal workshops online and in person in South East and Central London 

The views expressed here are that of Sally Rickard in her capacity as an accredited lactation consultant. Cleannest as a company does not have the expertise to make such recommendations.

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