What's Hypnobirthing?!


Our crew of experts now includes Jackie Kietz, an experienced antenatal and trained hypnobirthing practitioner...


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We’re thrilled to announce that our crew of experts now includes Jackie Kietz, an experienced antenatal and trained hypnobirthing practitioner.

Did you just read the word hypnobirthing and think ‘say whhhaaat?’. We get you - here’s a quick intro.

With two children of her own, Jackie fully understands the challenges, the madness and the confusion surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Jackie’s book - ‘Let’s Talk About Preparing for Your Baby's Birth’ is a holy grail for parents on how to best prepare for THE DAY! You can get hold of it via Pinter and Martin or Amazon. We’re picking her brain to provide you with valuable insights.

But that’s not all! Two lucky Cleannest community members have the chance to win Jackie’s digital hypnobirthing course which comes with the book along with 10 audios! All you have to do is visit us next weekend 21-23 October at The Baby Show, Olympia London. Click here for details.

Here’s a snapshot of our chat with Jackie:

1. What motivated you to enter your field?

After having a difficult first birth, my partner and I embarked on a hypnobirthing course for our second - something I was really unsure about as the name 'hypnobirthing' really put me off!

I'm so glad we did, as I went on to have a wonderful second experience which left me feeling on top of the world. After my experiences, I became very interested in all things birth. I trained with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) in hypnobirthing and have been facilitating antenatal courses for around 12 years now.

 2. What's 1 question parents ask you all the time?

Oooh, there are many that always come up! But I have often noticed that parents are most inquisitive about how they will know that it’s time to go into the hospital or, to call their home birth midwife.

 3. What do you love most about your professional work?

It is definitely the chance to interact with all the parents. I'm very lucky in that my groups are the loveliest lot! I absolutely love sharing their journey with them, even if it's only a little part.

 4. On a Saturday morning you're usually .…..

I am quite often facilitating antenatal courses. If I have a weekend off, I like to relax and see how the day unfolds.

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