A Word from the Founders


2022 is the year to be fearless. Fearless to pursue what you really want at home, at work, in your free time, or in your relationships. That’s our goal at Cleannest for this trip around the sun.


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2022 is the year to be fearless. Fearless to pursue what you really want at home, at work, in your free time, or in your relationships. That’s our goal at Cleannest for this trip around the sun - to boldly break into a very male, very stale, very traditional manufacturing industry. Why? Because we believe carers and parents deserve more - more peace of mind. 

This concept of peace of mind parenting is so important to us because we’ve seen the excitement that comes with the arrival of your first (or second, or third and beyond!) bundle of joy. We’ve also seen those dark circles that creep in under your eyes and heard those full-body yawns that feature on the soundtrack of the early years of caring for little ones. To throw a little factoid your way: research shows us that parents get 5-6 hours of sleep on average per night in a baby's first year - that means losing out on over 600 hours or 28 days of sleep. Not all heroes wear capes. 

That’s why we’ve set out to shake up this stodgy industry and create a new era of babycare that meets you where you are and provides solutions that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. First on our agenda is to give your baby a nappy that does it all and fits right day or night, on the go or at home. 


We mindfully design to be kind

Cleannest products have been built from the ground up, meaning we know every single component and make the best choices in terms of safety, performance and comfort. Our nappies are so soft they’ll remind you of cashmere. So cosy, they soothe your little one. So absorbent, they will make nights longer and days easier. Delivered right to your door, on time, in the right size every month. No fuss. 

But we’re not stopping there.


Our growth mindset on sustainability

We are oh so fully aware of how much waste the babycare industry creates - nappies and wipes being the biggest stinkers. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect solution today, but that’s why we’re implementing better materials - such as using fluff pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests in our nappies and sourcing fibres for our wipes from eucalyptus, fir and beech trees which use 12 times less water than that needed for cotton wipes. We’re also investing in new technologies that will substantially improve how we divert nappies and wipes from landfill. For us, peace of mind also means showing you transparently without gimmicks how we’re working towards a cleaner future. We’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible.

From London & Vienna with Love

We wanted to share our râison d'etre with you so that together we build Europe’s most supportive, sustainable and straight-up chill babycare community. Going forward, these blogs will be a space where we fearlessly air the most taboo topics, share caring insights and champion members of our community. 

We can’t wait to see what this year brings and to meet more of our Founding Members like you along the way. You and your families are the heart of Cleannest and we want you to know our inboxes are always open. We’d love to hear from you - what’s got you buzzing or what’s holding you back. We’re here to cheer you on through this chapter. And with that, we wish you a restful, fun week ahead. 

Stay fearless,
Rima & Morgan


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